Entangled CD Album Project   ​by Robbi and Shirl Spencer!

The Two Witnesses   ​by Tiffany Tuesday

June 2017

                            A series of articles accompanying interviews of Anthony Patch on the Kev Baker Show:

Is There Reason for Con-CERN?  by Kev Baker

     CERN: Strangelets, Stargates, Saturn & The Occult Connections

     CERN: 3,6,9: The Physics & Philosophy of Connecting the LHC to The Electric Universe

     CERN: Crossing Beams & Successfully Smashing Particles at 13TeV!                

     CERN:  Its Electrical Connection To The Pyramids & The Mandela Effect

     Scrodinger's Patch: Back Through the CERN-Gate

     CERN AWAKENing Will See Power Increase by 1000x

     The Connection Between Lady Gaga, CERN, Saturn & The Golden Age

     The Connection Between CERN & Viral 'Charlie, Charlie' Demon Chant

     CERN Entering TERRA INCOGNITA in Search fro Invisible Particles

     Bombshell! CERN Confirm Breaking Symbolic Quadrillion Electron Volts

     New Particle Observed in Experiment at CERN & Mystery Shutdown Explained



Directing Technology to Love   ​by Artist Fredrico Vega

CERN's Brain - Quantum Neuroscience  by Anthony Patch

Imagination in a Quantum Reality  by Robbi Spencer

Order Out of Chaos?   ​by Anthony Patch

Jewish Rabbi Troubled By Two Major Events That Can Only Mean One Thing! - The End Has Come   ​by Lyn Leahz

Spooky Action at a Distance Isn't the Strangest Aspect of Our Quantum World  by Kev Baker

Necromancy  by Anthony Patch

In Search of Singularity by Loren Pederson

Entangled Magazine Contents

Angelic DNA  by Professor Truth

CERN in the Bible Codes by Robbi Spencer

The Truth About Aging Mind-Kontrolled Slaves ​by Elisa E.

Boltzmann Machine  by Anthony Patch

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made   ​by Kathleen Urquhart

Strangelets Confirmed!  by Anthony Patch

Enlightenment or Clarity?  ​by Unknown

Quantum Entangled Communications & Valuation Cycles of Communications Companies  by Anthony Patch

August 2017

AI and Consciousness  by Anthony Patch

CERN: Absolute Existential Threat  by Anthony Patch

UFO Propulsion Systems ​ by Anthony Patch

Mandela Effect & D-Wave's Boltzmann machine & Quantum Pollution    by Anthony Patch

July 2017

Sentient World Simulation & Mind Control by Anthony Patch

The Greater Christ Dwells In You   by John Butera

Singularity A Requirement?  ​by Anthony Patch

Sentient Quantum Biology  by Anthony Patch

A Week in Peru: Fallen Angel Technology  ​by Doug Diamond

3, 6, 9 Tetrahedron Quantum Entanglement Singularity Vacuum In Time  ​by Anthony Patch

My Name Was Not There  by Lyn Leahz

in Silico DNA  by Anthony Patch

'The Last Evangelist' TV Show   by Producer David Heavener

September 2017 - Signs in the Heavens?  by Laura Maxwell

Quantumly:  Looking Out for the Little Guy 

SWS and Mind Control  by Anthony Patch

Inter-Dimensional Communications & SWS   by Anthony Patch

Physical Description of Jesus by Pontius Pilate to Tiberius Caesar  by Professor Truth

The Strong Force Who Stands Alone   ​by Maryann Gearhart

Encouraging Scriptures  by Rebecca J. Gray

Energy, Frequencies, Vibrations, CERN and how it all effects YOU! by Shirl Spencer

Sentient Quantum Biology  by Anthony Patch

Encouraging Scriptures  by Rebecca J. Gray

Google's DeepMind & AlphaGo  by Anthony Patch