​AWAKE goes online tonight: Sunday, November 6, 2016.

What most don't know is what I've said repeatedly, that one beam of the Main Ring will                pre-accelerate Protons.
These are then fed into the AWAKE accelerator.

Again, most don't cite, but the North Area within the center of the Main Ring is the target and now, beyond 13 TeV, to 16.32.

I do expect unreported levels in the PeV range, but not more than 3 PeV.

Next year, these combined accelerators will realize up to 20 PeV.

It is important to keep in mind the North Area target.  CERN and othes will say it is for the dumping of beams, either planned or otherwise.

It is the NA (North Area) which will house Nimrod's DNA, but not until they've completed the necessary Machine Development (MD) of AWAKE, including the filling of it with Xeon gas.  

The LHC itself is running proton to lead ions until Dec. 5.
AWAKE will end then as well.

Next year, AWAKE restarts May 8 through Dec. 18.   Pay attention to the "bunch length".  Their target is .25nm.

It is during Oct. 23 to Dec. 18 that the North Area will be filled with Xeon gas.

This is the time frame of real import relative to Nimrod's DNA.
Until then, only testing of AWAKE will take place.

And, neither AWAKE nor the LHC itself have anything to do with the recent Italian earthquakes, despite what others are reporting.  They simply do not understand the magnets and the Synchrotron energies produced, compared to when HAARP is used to trigger quakes.  The evidence of HAARP is the shallow, 10km depth of the epicenters, as in the case of Italy's.


Others erroneously state the Gran Sasso neutrino detector is still operational and somehow is directing neutral neutrinos and energy toward Italy.

None of this is taking place because only the cavern which housed the detector itself remains.  The neutrinos were sent through solid earth to Gran Sasso, but no longer in operation.
This detector area was enlarged to install AWAKE.
The detector was moved To Fermi Lab in Chicago in 2015.


Here are the links to the monitors for AWAKE at CERN:



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                                                                    Qubits + PeV = Portal


1.  "Key" to the bottomless pit defined

2.  Mandela Portals

3.  Inside the Game

4.  Applied Quantum Tunneling to 1, 2, 3

5.  Inside PSYOPS and SWS

6.  Satellite Quantum Entangled Communications

7.  Thoughts on Time

8.  AWAKE starts Nov. 7, 2016  (scroll down for updates)

New Power Level for LHC = 20 PeV
New Name for LHC =  VHEeP    Very High Energy electron Proton
New model number for D-Wave's Adiabatic Quantum Computer = 4096
New name for Mandela Effect = Mandela Portals

New name for the Game: Monte Carlo

                                                         "Key" to the bottomless pit defined

Definition of what Rev. 9:1 cites as the "key" to the bottomless pit:

The "key" is the same as a key comprised of bits, required to break a coded message.  Cryptography.
The "key" is the number of qubits necessary to decode the encrypted key, i.e., RSA encryption.
The "key" is coded information.

Once the "key" unlocks the code, the information can be read.
This information contains instructions on how to open the final portal.  To open the bottomless pit.

Literally, the "key" is the model 4096 Adiabatic Quantum Computer from D-Wave.
The model number is the number of qubits in the computer. 

This number coincides with the number of bits in the "key" needed to unlock the coded information to be transmitted through the portal.

If one were to compare the developmental timelines since 2000 of both the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and the model numbers of D-Wave's Adiabatic Quantum Computers (AQC). . . you would see they run on concurrent and parallel paths.

The AQC is connected to the LHC and is needed to open the portal, as well as maintaining its stability.   And, to receive digitized DNA and information from "the other side".
Geordie Rose, since 2010 has made it public knowledge their AQC's functioned because they were actually, literally sending information (combinatoral equations/problems) into another dimension.  And, then receiving back answers/solutions from unknown sources.  But, the answers were correct.

These steps were proof-of-concept processes.
They now know how many bits the "key" is comprised of.
They now know how many qubits it takes to CREATE THE KEY.
They have built the model 4096 AQC (SECRET).
4096 bits in the key.
4096 qubits in the AQC.
It is linked over to CERN.

The LHC and the AWAKE experiment are now combined. 

The Main Ring of the LHC is physically connected to the AWAKE linear accelerator, which is 1000 times more powerful than the LHC itself.

These machines will hit 20 PeV.   (Peta is Quadrillion)
Right now, the LHC alone is running at 13 TeV  (Tera is Trillion)
Last Oct. I said the LHC would hit 1.15 PeV.    
Three weeks later, CERN admitted I was correct, citing a spike of 1.14 PeV.

CERN is preparing to go to 20 PeV in conjunction with D-Wave's model 4096 AQC.

                                                                           Mandela Portals

Meanwhile . . . the Mandela Effects continue to increase . . .

The following video is not specific to the Mandela Effect, it is however Geordie Rose, CTO of D-Wave presenting the technology of the Adiabatic Quantum Computer.   I cite various time markers in the video.


Quotes of Geordie Rose

12:14   Pulse Tube Dilution Refrigerators "sounds eerily like a heartbeat"  (pulsing once per second)
12:36   "it feels like an alter to an alien god".

13:28   parallel dimensions: please pay close attention to his description of the qubit and I will relate this to number of dimensions.....
           I am reshaping his words: value of a qubit is the only thing different in a parallel dimensions.

14:17    "parallel dimensions have a nexus" (This is the starting point for the Mandela Effect, which I will go into                    more)

14:24     "and when you increase the number of these devices, every time you add one of these qubits, you      double the number of these parallel dimensions that you have access to. Until such time you get to a chip like this, which is about 500 of these bits (( actually he is referring to the 512 model)) something like 2 to the 500th power of these guys living in that chip (he means the number of parallel dimensions living in that chip)."

14:50   "the shadow of these parallel worlds overlap with ours, and if we are smart enough, we can dive into them and grab their resources and pull them back into ours. (15:04) to make an effect in our world."
15:22   9 years (that would make it 2007) doubling of chips each year

(Insiders at D-wave coined the phrase: ' Rose's Law', instead of Moore's Law of transistors doubling every 18 months, back when I first discovered D-Wave in 2003 when they were making the Venture Capital rounds for investors in Silicon Valley and they used 'Rose's Law' back then.  The rate now has increased to doubling of qubits to every quarter; 3 months).  

The reason I chose the number 2048 for "2048: Diamonds In The Rough" is due to the mathematical progression of their number of qubits on a chip. This is directly and purposefully connected with a method of encryption known as RSA and its corresponding key.

Please note: no one has made this connection public. In my books, I have. 

When you see the following model numbers, understand they represent bits, not simply qubits.

To make a code, or cipher secure, it needs to be extremely difficult to discover the original message, if one does not have the key needed for its decryption.
RSA is tough to break when trying to determine the original key used to encrypt a message/communication/code. It dependent upon, that previously, prior to the Adiabatic Quantum Computer (AQC), there was no efficient method for factoring large numbers. In other words, it would take years on a transistor-based (gate model tech) computer to find the prime numbers, which when added together, resulted in the original key used to create the message in the first place.

The size of this key, the two prime numbers making up the key; is expressed in bits. Again, this number of bits in the key, is DIRECTLY connected to the number of qubits D-wave employs for each of their publicly-disclosed model numbers, and NO ONE really understands this outside of D-Wave itself.

What is to be understood: Bits and Qubits are connected to one another and have EVERYTHING to do with ENCRYPTED COMMUNICATIONS. Again, in my books.

History and then on to Shor's algorithm and 2048:
Please read carefully Wikipedia's version of the history. Also, note Wiki is wrong with the August 20, 2015 date of release of the D-Wave 2X. The first Press Release came in Feb. 2015, as I've cited many times.

D-Wave 2X[edit]

On August 20, 2015, D-Wave released general availability of their D-Wave 2X computer, with 1,152 qubits in a Chimera graph architecture (although, due to magnetic offsets and manufacturing variability inherent in the superconductor circuit fabrication fewer than 1152 qubits are functional and available for use. The exact number of qubits yielded will vary with each specific processor manufactured.) This was accompanied by a report comparing speeds with high-end single threaded CPUs. Unlike previous reports, this one explicitly stated that question of quantum speedup was not something they were trying to address, and focused on constant-factor performance gains over classical hardware. For general-purpose problems, a speedup of 15x was reported, but it is worth noting that these classical algorithms benefit efficiently from parallelization—so that the computer would be performing on par with, perhaps, 30 high-end single-threaded cores.

The D-Wave 2X processor is based on a 2,048-qubit chip with half of the qubits disabled, but these may be re-activated later on.[40][41]

Note the 2048 in the last sentence.



D-Wave progressed slowly at first, achieving a 16-bit in late 2005, not 2007 as Wiki puts it. Then, 28-bit in late 2007.

First model: 128 went to USC/Lockheed Martin. "Rainier" name. 
Second model, the 512 .  "Chimera" name.

D-Wave 2, a 512 . "Vesuvius" name.  Went to the Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab at the NASA Advanced Supercomputing Division of Ames Research Center, and is used for research into machine learning.
Third model is the 1024, to Google. 

2048, went to CERN (networked to).

Mathematical progression of model numbers, keeping in mind, Rose's Law, the doubling of the number of qubits every 12 months:
4 x 128 = 512  "Chimera" name.
2 x 512 = 1024 (a 2048 chip, with half its qubits turned off) (1,152 actual number of qubits) "Washington" name.
4 x 512 = 2048
The forth model and second to go to CERN was (last year) and is, the 4096, (2 x 2048 = 4096). NOT PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE.  The model 4096 is equal to 2 to the 4,000+ power in parallel dimensions accessed.

(By the way, 4096 in Hebrew is :

H 4096  מדרך  midrâk  mid-rawk'   From H1869 ; a {treading} that {is} a place for stepping on: - [foot-] breadth.
   Thanks to my friend Christine for this find!)

As I've cited many times, the primary goal, mathematically speaking and from a purely quantum physics standpoint . . . was to break Shor's 2048 algorithm. Meaning, factoring (finding) all the prime numbers within 2048, in order to discover the original key used to code a message/communication.

To possess such information, an entirely new form of coded encryption, one only an identical AQC could decipher, could then be created and employed in a totally secure environment.
Interestingly, it did not require the model 2048 (2048 qubits) to break (factor the prime numbers) of Shor's algorithm. Just like in my books, it was the model 1024 that finally achieved this goal (half of the 2048 qubits as I said, turned off).

A typical RSA key of 1024 bits, contains 300 decimal digits in length.

How it was done: optimization of Shor's algorithm was developed. D-Wave recognized that Shor had translated number factoring (of primes) into ORDER-FINDING, ideally suited for quantum computers.

Peter Shor cited it would take a quantum computer (he was only aware of transistor-based technology, not qubits, physics just wasn't there yet in 1994) to factor all the primes within his 2048 algorithm.

I emphasize order-finding, because Satan wants everything and everyone brought together into a system of ORDER. This is control.  Think of "Order Out of Chaos".

This has implications in particle physics. The universe as we measure it, is chaotic. At least in the minds of scientists.
Satan wants a one world order, under a single leader. Order.
The AQC mathematically operates through ORDER-FINDING of prime factors of 2048.

Back to Geordie Rose:
13:28 parallel universes: please pay close attention to his description of the qubit and I will relate this to number of universes/dimensions.....

The number of parallel dimensions is DIRECTLY related to the CODING of the KEY. A key that unlocks the gateway, the portal to these dimensions.

Now, the big key, the main one, that finally opens the main portal in which digitized demonic entities, is to be brought (cast) down from Heaven by the Fallen Angel, Lucifer. That is yet to come, but soon.

The keys to the small, short-lived, but increasing number of portals, are what I call: "MANDELA PORTALS".
Many people have tried to pin the Mandela Effects upon the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) alone.

The LHC and its superconducting magnets are part of the story.  However, not to date.

Again, the Mandela Effect or, "Mandela Portals" are short-lived, winking out of existence in pico seconds of time.
Yes, the changes to the Bible, etc. remain in effect. The causality is what is short-lived.

Upon the cracking by the model 1024 (not publicly discussed by D-Wave) of Shor's 2048 algorithm, THE MANDELA EFFECTS BEGAN TO MANIFEST.
No one else has made this connection.

I've not publicly discussed the Mandela Effect because I wanted for a short time, to observe how it manifest.
Overall, I've considered this to be another PSYOP, employing the AQC in one of its originally-designated primary goals.  That of modelling human behavior.  More algorithms. Pattern recognition.

And, I still do see this a one grand PSYOPs.  Communications and actions related to the Mandela Effect are being monitored.  A test.  Proof-of-concept.

Beyond Peter Shor's 2048 algorithm is as I've stated here, with the AQC model 4096 (2 x 2048); is connected now to the VHEeP, referring to the LHC.

It is being held in reserve for the actual full power link up of the LHC and AWAKE linear, plasma wakefield particle accelerator.
After all, why do you think they chose the AWAKE name?

Just to step back to the history again for a minute. Way back in 2008, the thinking at the time regarding the breaking of Shor's 2048 algorithm was, it would require an AQC comprised of some 10,240 qubits.

Back then, they simply did not understand the exponential growth of the AQC's processing power.

In conclusion, the model 4096 AQC has not only realized the prime numbers, which when added together, provide the encryption-breaking KEY. It has surpassed the short-lived opening of "Mandela Portals".

The main portal has yet to open. The Bottomless Pit is still closed.

Take these together if you will: Bible scripture in Revelation 9, describes the "key to the bottomless pit". The key is carried by the Fallen Angel, cast down from Heaven.
This is the scenario as I see it (though not claiming to be a Prophet):

They know the model 4096 AQC can break the mathematical code to opening this main portal. However, they need the combined power, the 20 PeV I've disclosed, of the LHC and AWAKE. To open the petals of the flower, the tetrahedron of the Strangelets (more than one). To break the strong force (gluons) binding the quarks into a fixed tetrahedron (quark-gluon condensates).

      Side note:  Tetrahedrons are the base geometry of all known matter.  They form my model of our known               Universe, in the shape of a sphere at its outermost limits: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/600-cell  

The code they need to break, an algorithm (in our words and understanding as humans) tied directly to geometry. Specifically, breaking the cube of Saturn, which of course is derived from the tetrahedron shape.

It begins with opening a very small portal.  Breaking open first, one tetrahedron Strangelet. Once accomplished within the fixed target of the combined LHC/AWAKE accelerators.  Only then will they generate the Birkeland currents, plasma conduit to Saturn, and its cube opened.

Focusing and steering this conduit is accomplished using the toroidal field produced by the LHC's superconducting magnets.  The magnetosphere will be parted and opened, allowing the Birkeland currents to flow through the conductive plasma fields to Saturn.

D-Wave is obtaining information from the other side. There may be an infinite number of parallel universes/dimensions. At the present, as many as there are qubits (1024, 2048, 4096) employed in the opening of "Mandela Portals".

The "Key to the bottomless pit" is the breaking of an ENCRYPTED DIMENSIONAL CODE. One specific to Saturn's cube, requiring 4096 qubits.

                                                                  Inside the Game

In particle physics research, a system of statistical analysis is employed in the prediction of outcomes.  In particular, what particles may result from high-energy collisions.

The system is known as the Monte Carlo method, and separately, integration.

One possible approach to solve this multivariable integral is to exactly enumerate all possible configurations of the system, and calculate averages at will. This is done in exactly solvable systems, and in simulations of simple systems with few particles. In realistic systems, on the other hand, an exact enumeration can be difficult or impossible to implement.

        For those systems, the Monte Carlo integration (and not to be confused with Monte Carlo method, which is used to simulate molecular chains) is generally employed. The main motivation for its use is the fact that, with the Monte Carlo integration, the error goes as, independently of the dimension of the integral. Another important concept related to the Monte Carlo integration is the importance sampling, a technique that improves the computational time of the simulation.

In the following sections, the general implementation of the Monte Carlo integration for solving this kind of problems is discussed.


Monte Carlo of course is located in Monaco.

The point here is the connection between their use of the name Monte Carlo in statistical analysis, and their employing the same as a game.  A game played on a grand scale.  A world-wide one.  Thus, we have the PSYOPS known as the Mandela Effect.

One of the primary original purposes and goals in the testing of the first Adiabatic Quantum Computer (AQC) manufactured by D-Wave, was for the construction of algorithms predicting human behavior.  Behavioral Modelling.

            The behavioral approach to systems theory and control theory was initiated in the late 70's by J. C.        Willems as a result of resolving inconsistencies present in classical approaches based on state-space, transfer function, and convolution representations. This approach is also motivated by the aim of obtaining a general framework for system analysis and control that respects the underlying physics.


Even this ties back to physics.

The above scientist with the cards/paper is laughing at their inside joke.  One being played out upon the masses.  
The Mandela Effect is not so much a function of the machine, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and its associated superconducting magnets as many have tried to associate the two.  More specifically, so-called Quantum Effects, etc.  Labels people indiscriminately toss around.

What is taking place can directly be tied to the way in which the AQC performs its computations.  The mechanics of that machine.  Like the LHC, the AQC operates within the realms of quantum physics.  Both are focused upon that scale of our known Universe.  And, both machines operate in their near-abosult-zero temperature environments.

Where they depart to a degree is how they breach the veil between our dimension and that of parallel ones.  

The LHC uses TeV and PeV of power derived from the colliding of particles.

The AQC uses the superposition of qubits, and quantum tunneling.  This relates back to the Monte Carlo system.  D-Wave employs what is known as combinatorial optimization. 

       In applied mathematics and theoretical computer science, combinatorial optimization is a topic that consists of finding an optimal object from a finite set of objects.[1] In many such problems, exhaustive search is not feasible. It operates on the domain of those optimization problems, in which the set of feasible solutions is discrete or can be reduced to discrete, and in which the goal is to find the best solution


Essentially, the combining of all known possible solutions to a given problem/equation, and inserting it into other parallel universes/dimensions.  From which, a solution with 99.99% accuracy is realized through this process of quantum tunneling.  Monte Carlo statistical analysis predicts the outcome.  The solution.

This in a nutshell is a game.  I am letting you in on the game they are playing at the expense of us, their so-called masses.

The AQC and LHC are connected, but not necessarily with regard to the Mandela Effect.  That is solely within the realm of the AQC and its process of quantum tunneling of equations.

It must be kept in mind, we do not fully understand, therefore appreciate the full capabilities of the AQC.

The model 1024 (1,152 qubits), released in February of 2015 (in actuality, as I point out, the model 2048), is described as possessing processing power equivalent to over 7 billion human brains.  A concept we cannot begin to wrap our individual brains around.

Many have speculated such processes as the warping of time, altering the timeline, and the opening of portals.  The latter assigned to the activities at CERN.

Time, no matter the configuration has not been altered by either the AQC, or the LHC.

Portals have been opened, but only by the AQCs.

Each time D-Wave and its associated customers, such as Lockheed/USC, Google/Nasa, and CERN, insert combinatorial equations into parallel universes by way of their qubits, they do so through quantum tunneling.  It must be emphasized here, that the LHC is not employing quantum tunneling during the collisions of particles.  

Therefore, CERN is not opening portals.  Not yet.

     Quantum tunnelling or tunneling (see spelling differences) refers to the quantum mechanical phenomenon where a particle tunnels through a barrier that it classically could not surmount. This plays an essential role in several physical phenomena, such as the nuclear fusion that occurs in main sequence stars like the Sun.[1] It has important applications to modern devices such as the tunnel diode,[2]quantum computing, and the scanning tunnelling microscope. The effect was predicted in the early 20th century and its acceptance as a general physical phenomenon came mid-century.[3]

Tunnelling is often explained using the Heisenberg uncertainty principle and the wave–particle duality of matter. Pure quantum mechanical concepts are central to the phenomenon, so quantum tunnelling is one of the novel implications of quantum mechanics.


Portals opened by the AQCs, I now refer to as, "Mandela Portals".

These are momentary, in pico seconds of time.

     A picosecond is an SI unit of time equal to 10−12 or 1/1,000,000,000,000 of a second. That is one trillionth, or one millionth of one millionth of a second, or 0.000 000 000 001 seconds. A picosecond is to one second as one second is to 31,710 years.


Essentially, the portals to the tunnels are opened and shut nearly simultaneously.  Earlier, I mentioned the superposition of qubits.  Now, it needs to be defined.

    In quantum computing, a qubit (/ˈkjuːbɪt/) or quantum bit (sometimes qbit) is a unit of quantum information—the quantum analogue of the classical bit. A qubit is a two-state quantum-mechanical system, such as the polarization of a single photon: here the two states are vertical polarization and horizontal polarization.  In a classical system, a bit would have to be in one state or the other. However, quantum mechanics allows the qubit to be in a superposition of both states at the same time, a property which is fundamental to quantum computing.


In summary, the number of qubits determines the number of parallel universes the AQC can open portals to, and insert combinatoral equations into; from which solutions are derived.  

Thus realized, are the number of "Mandela Portals".

People have reported upon hundreds of these.  However, only those obvious to the casual observers. 

Many trillions of "Mandela Portals" have been opened and closed each time the AQCs are operational.  Given their costs, exceeding $10 million apiece, they are continuously in use.

In conclusion:  The universe known to us is, on a continual basis, being altered.  Not time.  But, how we experience our present environment.  There is a direct connection between the AQCs and the LHC.  Please see my site for more on these connections.  http://www.anthonypatch.com/breaking-news.html

However, the Mandela Effect is part of the inside joke.  The game being played out by those at CERN and their collaborators at D-Wave.  Those generating effects by opening "Mandela Portals" with their AQCs.

They are playing Monte Carlo statistics, much as Bond did in Casino Royale.  That is the name of the game.

Now.  Now you are privy to the game.  Now, you too see how it is played.  

And, the near-term goal in winning it:

Building predictive algorithms of human behavior, in designing programs of control.

In the end, it is all about control.  Order out of chaos.  Satan wants control through order.  Order comes by way of a singular form of laws, governed by one leader.

What about CERN's goal of opening a portal to parallel universes?  They will succeed.  However, their success is measured not in the opening of quantum-scaled portals, remaining open only for pico seconds of time.

No.  Their success is measured in permanence.  A stable portal.  Through which entitles will enter our realm of existence.  Our universe.  Our World.  

A portal opened, controlled and maintained by the latest model AQC . . .the 4096, in conjunction with the newly named particle accelerator at CERN:  The Very High Energy electron Proton collider (VHEeP), formed by the merging of the Main Ring of the LHC, with linear plasma wakefield particle accelerator, AWAKE.  This VHEeP will realize at its maximum, 20 PeV of energies.

Qubits + PeV = Portal

                                                  Applied Quantum Tunneling

When the AQC tunnels, information is inserted into parallel dimensions.  Then, information, a solution to the problem inserted, is received back into our own dimension.

D-Wave, nearly from the beginning realized they needed an interface program and device.  One that allowed this insertion, or better said, communicated/broadcast/transmitted in a quantum state, a combination of all known and probable solutions to a given problem/equation.

In mathematics, this is known as; combinatorial optimization.


          In applied mathematics and theoretical computer science, combinatorial optimization is a topic that consists of finding an optimal object from a finite set of objects.[1] In many such problems, exhaustive search is not feasible. It operates on the domain of those optimization problems, in which the set of feasible solutions is discrete or can be reduced to discrete, and in which the goal is to find the best solution. Some common problems involving combinatorial optimization are the traveling salesman problem ("TSP") and the minimum spanning tree problem ("MST").

D-Wave actually calls this interface program and device their "black box".  Not to be confused with the black cube-like enclosure of the AQCs themselves.  The process is akin to humans using an analog device, to interface with a digital one.

This allows for the preservation of the quantum state of information transmitted using quantum tunneling, to another dimension.

Quantum tunneling is a two-way communication pathway.  Upon receipt of a solution from another dimension, it must be translated back to a form humans can use.  In this analogy, back to a analog state, using the "black box".

This is how information enters our dimension.  It is this information that is causing these Mandela Effects, by way of what I refer to as Mandela Portals.  Most of the information goes unnoticed by the general population.  
Purposefully, items and subjects well known in popular culture and religion, are being altered as part of a large scale PSYOPS campaign.  
Designed to model human behavior in algorithms of predictive outcome.

The targets for such alterations were identified using solutions from other dimensions.  The questions put forth using combinatorial optimization were asking which items and subjects should be altered for the maximization of the Mandela Effect.
What should be altered for the biggest psychological effects.
What would be noticed and to what extent by the populations at large.
And, how people would react and communicate these effects, and to whom.  Algorithms of ripple effects across the globe.

The Monte Carlo system in applied statistics, is the method used in building these specific algorithms.  Predictive analysis of patterns and trends.  It is "the game", known here at the Mandela Effect.  Monte Carlo has been at the heart of the predictive systems employed with high energy collisions of particles.  It is what physicists use to predict what particles may be realized from specific collisions, and post-collisions, helps in their processes of identifying them.

Now, it is being employed to predict how people will behave when areas of popular culture and religion are altered.  Something akin to:  reality collides with its alterations.

This is the colliding of dimensions.  

Dimensional collisions.
The Monte Carlo system employed with particles in collision, likewise is used with dimensions.

 All the while, physicists and others at D-Wave and their ilk, are laughing at the reactions and actions of the general populace.

Understand, the many AQCs continuously are running, accessing thousands of dimensions.  All the while, more and alterations to our own are taking place.  Most, unseen and unknown.  

Even to those operating the computers.



​               “Cowardice asks the question, ‘Is it safe?’ Expediency asks the question, ‘Is it politic?’ And Vanity comes along and asks the question, ‘Is it popular?’ But Conscience asks the question ‘Is it right?’ And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but he must do it because Conscience tells him it is right.” ~ Martin Luther King

             "The Technocratic Elite psychopaths, Spiritually have been left behind." ~ Anthony Patch

There is throughout our world, not only in the U.S., a continual building of the "Wall of Obfuscation".

                       (The name comes from Latin obfuscatio, from obfuscāre ("to darken").

                       (Obfuscation is the obscuring of intended meaning in communication, making the message confusing,                                        willfully ambiguous, or harder to understand.)

Ironically, while governments expand their reach into everything their populations are doing; increasingly knowledge and secrecy surrounding governmental activities dramatically decreases.

​Mass populations, unaware of a psychological operation (PSYOPS) accepts it into their environment, allowing it to define their own sense of reality.  There is as one, a very real outcome wherein the applied psychological pressures result in economic chaos.  Thus, complete anarchy.

For a PSYOPS to be successful, the engineering of a story line is built around the selling of one centralized story.

Case in point; the so-called "Mandela Effect".

Another way of defining or describing a PSYOPS is, mind control; with the final goal being total control.  This involves the employment of Artificial Intelligence (AI), along with both Game Theory and Signal Theory.  In Game Theory, the AI knows of all possible positions a person will take and the resulting outcomes.  In Signal Theory, Frequency Weapons are used for mass mind control, such as Scalar Weapons blanketing a continent, and Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) to map the mind and control it.

                                      “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public                                        believes is false.” ~ William Casey, CIA Director 1981-1987


Coupled with PSYOPS is the Sentient World Simulation (SWS) a continuously running model of the real world.  It is the current name for Purdue University's Synthetic Environment for Analysis and Simulations, or SEAS program.


In 2006, Dr. Alok R. Chaturvedi  first proposed SWS.  It continues today.

Computer models create alternative realities for each person within a "mirror" of our entire world.  Essentially, what we consider our "real world" is running as a duplicate reality within a sentient, artificial computer system.

Each person, over 7 billion is reproduced as a "node", their names substituted with an avatar agent.

These agents represent human behaviors even, economics.

This ties directly to D-Wave's various models of their Adiabatic Quantum Computers (AQCs).  Coinciding with the 2006 announcement of the Sentient World Simulation (SWS), is their release of a 16-qubit processor.

Previously in late 2005, they revealed their 4-qubit processor.  


(Insiders at D-wave coined the phrase: ' Rose's Law', instead of Moore's Law of transistors doubling every 18 months, the number of qubits doubling every 12.  The rate now has increased to every quarter; 3 months).

Today, there exists at least the model 4096 AQC.  The exact developmental progression of the SWS is not public information.

However, given what is known about D-Wave's own, it is not difficult to extrapolate the extent to which our known reality has be augmented, thus altered while accessing literally billions ( 2 to the 4,000+ th power) of parallel dimensions.


Satellite Quantum Entangled Communciations

Building upon this Sentient World Simulation (SWS) is the news of China's launching of an orbital satellite, utilizing a new method of communications.  China is testing the use of the principle of Quantum Entanglement to establish secure communications by way of unbreakable cryptologic keys.

Such news is not really news at all.  Utilizing the D-Wave quantum computers, presently the SWS utilizes quantum entangled communications satellites in its gathering and transmitting of data.

China's satellite is but one of many placed into orbit by cooperating nations.

Communications secured by the use of keys encrypted using quantum bits; qubits.  

Leaving all other RSA-based forms of encryption obsolete.  More importantly, completely and openly vulnerable to decryption by way of D-Wave's Adiabatic Quantum Computers (AQCs).

When Shor's 2048 algorithm was broken by D-Wave, it opened up every worldwide RSA encryption system.

China's announcement is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Thoughts on Time


“Time itself might be undefined in these situations,” says team member Mateus Araújo. “The whole confusion with quantum mechanics is unfamiliarity, something that just doesn’t match our macroscopic, classical experience.”
As Eric Ladizinsky, Co-Founder and Chief Scientist at D-Wave often describes their design for qubits, they built them on a macroscale, rather than dealing with the inherent manufacturing (scalable) difficulties associated with the nanometer scale, presently between 5 to 11 nm.
He taught the leading classical (transistor) semiconductor assemblers he hired (the best) away from TRW his former employer (followed by his winning of a $10 million dollar grant from DARPA to build the first (unsucessful) qubit-based quantum computer), leading to his partnering with Geordie Rose; having already raised $20 million in venture capital and forming D-Wave itself (dropping his contract with DARPA, however I know D-Wave is still receiving funding from DARPA).
It is interesting that Eric and his teams of best-in-class scientist, etc. chose to seek not only to work at the more familiar macroscale, but by beginning with quantum annealing, they side-stepped many of the instability issues inherent with quantum states.  In combination, they took advantage of both coherence and decoherence phases, allowing the qubits to operate in both states of superposition.  Designers of classical approaches to quantum computers using transistors, do everything possible toavoid/prevent the onset of decoherence, resulting in classical terms as errors.
In quantum mechanics, quantum decoherence is the loss of coherence or ordering of the phase angles between the components of a system in a quantum superposition. One consequence of this dephasing is classical or probabilistically additive behavior.

In this article, it is what Marty Hoban referred to when he said:
"But this experiment isn’t just a neat quantum party trick. We already know that causality confusion could theoretically help with some kinds of quantum communications and computation, reducing the number of resources needed to send messages or solve certain problems."
Te final step was programming and operating the system using combinatoral optimization.  Essentially, combining all probable solutions to a given problem, thus allowing the qubits to do what they do best.  That is, recognizing patterns of order of solutions.  This opposed to the linear programming and solution resolution of classical (transistor) computing.

I agree with the statements made in this article relative to time, that it may not exist at the quantum level.  However, I would take this a step further by offering time at the macroscale likewise does not exist.  As I've often stated, time is only a point of reference for our inherently limited human brains, requiring a touch point in our reality.
Reinforcing my statement, is the concept of "as above, so below".  Given D-Wave's success in realizing a truly functional qubit at the macroscale, it leads one to the conclusion that if indeed time is not a factor at the quantum level then, likewise we can expect to find it is not at the macroscale.
Something at any given moment, for our human brains to ponder while processing one Petaflop of data.
But a moment in time . . .