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​Wednesday August 10, 2016  Kev Baker Show

RichieFromBoston !

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Thursday September 22

I join Nicholson1968 in comparing research with RichieFromBoston (R.F.B.) regarding 4096: The Key to the Abyss.

Plus, Nicholson's research into the 3rd Strand of DNA, 666 and 72 and the Keystone to the Arch de Triumph/Baal being erected around the world.   THE NEAR-FINAL PIECES TO THE PUZZLE: THE HIDDEN CODE WITHIN 4096 and its relationship to both D-Wave's Adiabatic Quantum Computers and CERN.            NEW, NEVER-BEFORE-RELEASED CONNECTION BETWEEN THESE COMPUTERS AND 4096 !

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​TOPICS INCLUDED IN THIS TALK: Anthony's background, occult side of "Science", Who, what, when, where and why of CERN, Shiva stature, Rome returning to its ancient paganism, Switzerland and Satanism, Who is funding CERN, Fr. Malachi Martin and the "veil being lifted", UFO/ALIEN deception, Maitreya and Ascended Masters to save us?, 5 step self realization program of New Age Religion, Mark of the beast, Stephen Hawking's warning, predicative programming preparing us for the grande finale, Judeo-Masonic infiltration of the Vatican, CERN and loud booms/sky trumpets?, Day of Declaration, CERN and earthquakes/weather, the portal opening soon, key dates ahead on the calendar?, CERN and mood changes,/mind control, having a sense of humor in these times, CERN & 3 days of darkness, the gates of hell wont prevail and MUCH more!

​Sentient World Simulation "Mirrors" Everyone.                           Source of all PSYOPS.

                                          D-Wave's Connection to SWS and CERN.

                                ​Kev Baker's Analysis and My Own.   August 19, 2016

"The Technocratic Elite psychopaths, Spiritually have been left behind." ~ Anthony Patch


3-Day Personal Appearance    Sept. 30 - Oct. 2  Knoxville, TN     "Hear the Watchmen" Conference

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

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Please follow link in video to Kev's Article on this video.  Detailed information.

Thursday, Sept. 8 show to be posted soon.  End Times Matrix News.  First, in a continuing series connecting the Spiritual Realities with the Physical as they are ENCODED within 4096, the Key to the Abyss.

More on 4096 and its relationship to CERN and Shiva (The Destroyer) and D-Wave.  It is the key-code to the unlocking the doorway to the Abyss, located at CERN, the ancient Roman/Greek Temple site to Apollo, Apollyon, Abbadon (The Destroyer).  And yes, 4096 is directly related to Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, our Moon and Earth.

Until then, please listen to our previous conversation wherein we compared notes on 4096 for the first time.  This is information not available through any other source.

August 25, 2016 Kev Baker Show

​Sentient World Simulation "Mirrors" Everyone.                           Source of all PSYOPS.

    D-Wave's Connection to SWS and CERN.

    ​Hagmann and Hagmann August 15, 2016






​Friday August 12, 2015  Lisa Haven